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ONE CONTRACTOR: From the bottom of the well to the peak of the roof







Geothermal Heat Pump,  New Hampshire based Design, Installer, Contractor.  Your one source for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration.


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Our specialty is using the heat from the earth, called Geothermal, for heating, cooling and the production of domestic hot water.  We are involved in the entire system design and construction, including the well or closed loop piping system, well pump and pump controls, duct work, refrigeration, building insulation and tightness and  hot water heating. The hot water can be used for swimming pools or radiant floor heating.

We also assist with the application to the Utility for the rebates and reduced electric rates.

The highest efficency heat pumps become less efficient when not installed correctly.  This is why we design the well, the well pump (one pump for both domestic and heating), the air/ water distribution system and extra controls if needed.  And don't forget the security system.  If you are away from your home or business you may want to be notified of trouble and watch what is happening.

No need to coordinate several contractors and worry about who may not have done the work correctly. Our highly trained and experienced associates strive to keep up with the latest technology and search for the best solutions at the lowest cost.

Our associates have years of experience in many phases of industrial and residential construction.

Every job is designed with the customer's best interest in mind.  There are no "cookie cutter" solutions; we use the manufacturer's line of equipment best suited for your needs.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to design and provide the most economical and efficient, and reliable systems.  This is difficult in view of the constant changes in government regulations and technological changes.
Heating 100% domestic water has been a real challenge; very few contractors do it.  In spite of the difficulties we have developed methods that are the most efficient and economical.  

Control, troubleshooting and notification is another area of difficulty to accomplish economically.  Our systems are adaptable (not canned), use "off the shelf" components(not propriety) and are as user friendly and you want to make them.  Controls help make the systems economical, easy to use and service.

Some contend that Geothermal (Geo-exchange; water source) heat pump do not reduce the "carbon footprint" because they use electricity.   Our review of the "cleanliness" of power produced by Public Service Co. of NH is "clean" enough so that if an residential oil burner is replaced with a heat pump the "carbon footprint" will be reduced, especially considering that cooling by a geo-heat pump is much more efficient than air cooled air conditioner.  Also, the electric utilities are constantly reducing their "carbon footprint" by installing new technologies.
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