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Swimming Pools

Using a Geothermal Heat Pump to heat your pool or building will save more than 50% of your heating costs compared to propane.  In addition, even more money is saved by using your own well water to fill the pool or for other uses.

After several contractors and trades were given the job to install a pool, pool equipment and to air condition the building, we were called in to take over the job, make corrections and finish the project.  Pool design and construction today is very complicated and should require that only one contractor do the entire job.

We can not only install your pool correctly, but we can heat and air condition the building as well.  In addition our associates can provide security systems and building controls that will allow you to monitor and change settings.  Our building automation systems are user friendly and not propriearty.  

The control system interface can be a touch screen that allows the owner to select a parameter to change by viewing a list of parameters in English.  Then by touching the screen  selections can be made.  These systems can also monitor selected conditions, such as unauthorized entry into the pool area, and send messages via the internet or telephone.

All components are "off the shelf" and many people are readly available to make changes to the system if needed.

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