W. Fortune & Company grew out of work at a Military Industrial Complex and private companies. From designing equipment and systems for the overhaul of nuclear submarines to instrumentation, controls and computer programming our staff has had many years of experience handling large and complicated projects.

As time passed, the business focus shifted from general contracting to climate control, which includes central heating, air conditioning, dehumidification, air quality, and the controls that accompany them. In this age of Internet connectivity, rising oil prices, and diminishing fossil fuel supplies W. Fortune & Company is focusing on the efficient use of energy sources to continue the tradition of providing you, our customers, the means for a comfortable, healthy and controllable indoor environment. After all, that’s where we spend a lot of days and nights. Today, W. Fortune & Company is a homogenization of experiences of several associates. We provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

There is a simple policy and philosophy here at W. Fortune & Company: we take care of our customers. If you have a problem, call us and we will work with you to solve it as quickly and economically as possible.