Walk-in coolers/Freezers

Bio-Tough Curbs:

Coolers can be placed on special curbs to protect them from physical damage. These curbs have low bacteria penetration and prevent water collection during wash-down.

Demand Defrost: (as opposed to time clocks)

No need to reset the defrost cycle as the weather and usage changes. Also, reduces energy consumption by 40 % to 80 %, increases available refrigeration system capacity, reduces room hoarfrost, reduces product shock, lengthens equipment life.


Automatic and alternating refrigeration systems that keep you up and running.

Allow time to service; weekdays, not nights and weekends.

Reduces loss of expensive product.

Process Chilled Water Systems/ Ice Storage

Fully automated systems can idle on standby during non-production periods. Ice storage offers off-peak energy use and back-up capacity.

Blast Freezers/Food Process Equipment, including Conveyor Systems

Custom built or standard systems can be fully automated if desired

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