Solar Water Heating

There are three temperature levels of solar collector design.  The two lower levels are easly intergrated with radiant floor heating and geothermal heat pumps.  This is because to maintain high performance, geothermal heat pumps operate at a lower temperature than oil or gas boilers.

One collector design manufactured here in New Hampshire is installed under the roof.  This design increased the life of the collector and hides it from view.  It is an elegantly simple renewable energy option for building owners, architects and developers concerned with the aesthetics, energy costs and operating budgets of their buildings.  In commercial and industrial applications, the heating or cooling can be used in the manufacturing processes.  

Solar collectors can be used to increase the efficency of the geothermal heat pumps.

The Dawn Solar System ( is archetecturally intergrated under the metal roof ststem and has a 25 year warranty and can be used for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

Higher temperature collectors can be used with stroage tanks.  The higher temperature fluid can then be used directly or can supplement the heat pump.

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